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Author Topic: FITES 2015 LAN - Feedback  (Read 672 times)

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FITES 2015 LAN - Feedback
« on: March 11, 2015, 08:16:51 AM »
Since there wasn't a thread started for this years event I thought I'd throw this up here and invite everyone to post your feedback!

I'd like to give the March 2015 FITES LAN Party a solid :10:

It's been a few years since I've attended a FITES event due to family needs so getting to attend once again was awesome. I applaud your continued success in making your events fun for all and the priority focus on providing the best LAN experience! The staff is very friendly and inviting to assist attendee needs and with their valuable skills keep the network environment humming along swimmingly from start to finish.

The entire experience from the convenience of purchasing and reserving the seats from your site, free raffle tickets for gear giveaways, easily finding your seating with labeling along with some cool trinkets and mag, the tourney registrations and server info on the site to see who's playing are what really makes your events great. What better entire weekend of fun can be had under $50? Nothing! (Delusional fantasies need not apply)

I'm happy to relay my 2 youngsters had their 1st lan experience this weekend with some beta testing seat time. We wanted to be sure they were old enough to grasp the concept of playing against others for fun and that they could stay put long enough to play through a decent session that would be worth of providing us as gaming parents some good fragging time ourselves. Well they passed the test in my book and have earned themselves the right to a gaming rig for each and future seating in events.

As far as providing particular event feedback I don't have much to point out other then positive things but here's a couple things I noted:

  Seating space
  Power and network connectivity
  Server and network performance
  Refreshments inside the lan and catered grub just outside

  WAN internet bandwidth not the best Friday (But this was due to users sucking it up doing OS patches and internet downloads) 
  Xankriz bouncing the CSS:GO server during our tourney (bwahahahaha I just had to find a place to throw him under the bus, we know it was an accident and you took care of us so no offense)

This event was great fun. Simply getting together with fellow gamers and peers of the tech industry is an experience that is second to none. I anxiously look forward to attending your next event and on behalf of myself and my family we want to say, Thank You!