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Author Topic: Gamers and YouTubers, UNITE!  (Read 3457 times)

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Gamers and YouTubers, UNITE!
« on: July 24, 2014, 10:02:27 AM »
FITES Faithful, I know you have some favorite game channels you like to subscribe to. Maybe you know some players out there. Maybe you know of some other LAN communities that would like to be heard about. I'm pretty sure we can work together to that goal.

First off, make sure you subscribe to the FITES YouTube channel. It's where we are putting up our show "FITESCast", a web series where we talk about what is going on in the PC Gaming community, and what is happening with the FITES community. There are ideas in the works for other content as well.

Second, help spread the word! FITES wants to work along side other LAN groups and gaming communities to encourage and support the growth of LAN events. We should be staying strong and united as a gaming group, so let's make this happen.

There is, and always will be, talk about how PC gaming is a dead platform. The facts say otherwise, but we need to make a show of force to change that. LAN isn't dead, it's just not as popular.

Comment hear on this thread with people you think we should reach out to, or do your best to put them in direct contact with us. You can have them track me down over Steam: MahoneyBadger or mahoney[at]fites[dot]net.
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