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Author Topic: Help make future FITES events even better!  (Read 1230 times)

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Help make future FITES events even better!
« on: March 16, 2015, 10:41:14 AM »
Hey there FITES, I've a request for you.

Did you take any photos while you were at the LAN? I would love it if you could send me some of your favorite and best photos. I'm working on a kit to make sponsor involvement even better, but I'm going to need some of that community help to get it done.

Maybe you didn't take any photos, but you have some words to say about FITES. Maybe the way we operate, the way we smell, or what your LAN experience was like overall.

If you think you can help with this please send any photos, at max resolution size, and kind words to mahoney(at)fites(dot) net.

Thanks, FITES!
Eventually something cool will go in here. It's a matter of time.