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by MahoneyRed - December 12, 2013, 12:31:48 PM
There's a developing story about how YouTube has once again changed their way they handle copyright claims. It appears that large numbers of content producers are being nailed with strikes and having videos taken down. Here's a link to a rather long video talking about the issue:

YouTuber Controversy with TotalBiscuit, FarFromSubtle, itmeJP, Fork Parker and Adam Sessler!

Have any content producers had problems with copyright claims? Anyone seeing some nasty grams? I'll put up more details on this as I get them. I'm someone interested in making game related content on YouTube so this a big deal.

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by MahoneyRed - December 11, 2013, 07:58:30 AM
For this week I wanted to mix it up a little. Twins brought to my attention a fun little game called Tagpro (warning, turn your volume down):


Tagpro is a simple web based game that we can all play together and is ripe for some FITES sense of humor. I don't know if TK or griefing is possible, but we'll be the ones to find out.

If people get tired of playing that game and want to give something else a try, I would like to get a bunch of people in on some BF4 action. I know it's pretty buggy right now, but some squad time and vehicle silliness could be nice.

See you in the TS at 9!

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by MahoneyRed - December 02, 2013, 09:41:49 AM
Perhaps you already got the email, maybe you haven't checked your inbox over the gluttony holiday weekend. Either way, let it be known far and wide that FITES has opened up ticket sales for their annual February event!

FITES is once again teaming up with LANFest to get 250 gamers all in the same room; stink and all. Seriously, I will enforce bathing restrictions this year. I refuse to breathe in your recycled BO and let that "no shower for 48 hour" smell settle into my rig.

With the announcement out of the way let's get into a discussion about community and you, the gamer. We could use your help. Spread the word via social media. Like us on Facebook and spread around our upcoming posts about the LAN. More gamers = more fun, for everyone.

Are you a game caster, or do you like to stream your game footage? Contact MahoneyBadger (mahoney [AT] fites [dot] net) and let him know. We would love to help you stream tournaments and games all while at the LAN. Our bandwidth is limited of course so we'll do what we can, but we can't make complete guarantees.

Stay tuned for tournament announcements!

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