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by MahoneyRed - September 24, 2013, 10:27:24 AM
Heavy looses an IQ - SFM

It's going to be a TF2 night this Friday night, and I want some full blown silly out there people. Combo together the most outrageous and ridiculous strategies you have never dared to try.

No mods, and no special maps. Just straight TF2. I want to return to the giggle factory damn it!

9 p.m. in the Teamspeak; server info coming soon.

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by MahoneyRed - September 23, 2013, 12:15:07 PM
Before I continue, there is a lot more to the upcoming announcements, and for some people today's Steam OS announcement could be pretty cool, but for me... meh.

In large part this is because I don't own any kind of "smart TV". Let's be honest, I still use a "dumb phone", so don't expect me to go all out on a TV that can connect to the internet. Do you think I want my kids to turn on the TV and find my browsing history that one day I forget to erase it.

Anyway, for some people this is great news as it will be a way to bring your gaming completely into that awesome home theater set up you might have. And to those people I ask, "How's the kid free life?" There are still announcements to be made, and I for one am saving my hopes for a Steam Box that could act like a Roku box, but with games. And I still want mouse/keyboard support damn it.

Also, this is just announcements about things to come in a vague timeline of 2014. Things might get a little more specific over the next couple days, but for now we will have to settle for "next year".

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by MahoneyRed - September 12, 2013, 10:49:19 AM

Steam has announced a beta version of game sharing that will allow users to share their game library with up to ten family and friends. A feature that was originally announced on the "XBone 1", but then removed as part of dealing with DRM has been picked up by the GabeN army.

Currently you need to request access, and there are limitations. You can't share the game as in you both play it at once, but a friend can play a game while you play something else. As the primary account holder you would take priority. So if a friend is playing your copy of Payday 2, and you want to play, it will prompt the other user to buy the game and give them a couple minutes before the game shuts down.

It doesn't appear to have the option (yet) to allow you both to play the game together at the same time.

People here tend to have the same games already, but we could start up a FITES sharing pool. What are some thoughts? Does anyone want to take a stab at game sharing?

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