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by MahoneyRed - November 20, 2013, 07:53:24 AM
Remember back in May when I first posted news elements of how the e-sports gaming league ESEA had been caught installing a Bitcoin miner on their users machines, all without their awareness or consent? If you don't, check out that first link to get some background info on the whole thing.

ESEA appears to have reached a settlement with New Jersey to the tune of a potential whopping $1 million. Currently ESEA will be required to pay $325,000 up front, and then only pay the rest if they are caught doing bad dude things again over the next 10 years.

ESEA blamed everything on a rogue employee, who has since been terminated, but that didn't sit well with state lawyers. The NJ Attorney General, in a press release, called the malicious code, embedded in ESEA's custom client, a botnet. And if you're here, you know how much they don't like that.

This isn't the end either. Currently ESEA is facing a class action law suit in California.

The settlement by ESEA is not an admission of wrong doing, and in a press release from ESEA they said the “press release issued by the Attorney General about our settlement represents a deep misunderstanding of the facts of the case, the nature of our business, and the technology in question.”

Getting away from the technical aspects here it's time to ask the question, is this too far? At the end of the day the fine from NJ will not go back to the players that had their rigs damaged. And those Bitcoins? Well only 30 were mined, and even with today's exchanges that amounts to only around 18K at best. Is it worth sending a company into potential bankruptcy like this? It is at this time, people should note that when settlements are handled with larger corporations, in cases of fraud, rarely does the government even come close to damaging the profit shares of a company. What are your thoughts?

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by MahoneyRed - November 19, 2013, 09:43:31 AM
Friday Night, Game Night! This Friday we are returning to the war zones of Auraxis with Planetside 2 (Free to Play). I know when most of us first started playing PS2 it was a huge pain with frame rates and render distances.

Recently the devs released a patch titled, "OMFG 1", which stands for Operation Make Faster Game. It's a major optimization patch that has lots of players talking about how some major hang ups have been fixed. It is, of course, still not perfect, but it has come a long way. Also, if you haven't played in a while, you are in for a treat with new vehicles, weapons, and base layouts.

So, this Friday; Teamspeak at 9-ish. I'll see you at the Vanu Warpgate, Waterson server.

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by MahoneyRed - November 15, 2013, 11:05:02 AM
Crucial, a company known for being in the RAM business, has announced the release of DDR4 RAM. They even went so far as to make a nice little infographic describing the benefits of the whole thing. I don't want to think of how many hipsters they hired for that one, but it may not have actually been too many since the graphic doesn't seem to be tainted with "retro distortion and texture" effects.

The claims being made so far are lower power consumption, more speed, and twice the density. So for less power draw you can get twice the power on a single stick of DDR4, compared to DDR3. But of course, the architecture is entirely different so this means a complete upgrade of your system just to change to a new RAM standard.

New motherboard, possibly processor too depending on the socket, and a new mobo could possibly mean the need for a new power supply. If you haven't gotten a mobo that has USB 3.0, your upgrade here could mean you want a new case that has USB 3.0 capability with it. Either way, if you were looking to do a rig upgrade it appears that patience could be a virtue in this case.

Although Crucial has announced a late 2013 release date, there hasn't been any announcements from mobo manufacturers about conforming to this new standard. So you won't see any parts for it until 2014, and then give it about 6 months or so for bugs and drivers to be worked out; we're looking at a late 2014 time frame to go in on the new memory. And that is really an "at best" scenario. Unless, of course, you are knee deep into that early adopter thing.

This may also force an upgrade on people in the next couple years. As more manufacturers adopt the new standard the price of DDR3 will rise, as evidenced by what happened to the old DDR2 standard. Start your banking now, and know that despite all of this you will still have major game crashes at key times.

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