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About FITES || Views: 13582

What is FITES?

FITES is a LANParty, and the initials stand for: Frag Infinity Tournament (Extreme Slaying)


What is a LANParty?

"G33k approved pulse pounding adrenaline rush frag fest that is fun for the first person sh00ter in you..."

In brief, a LANParty is a gathering of people who all bring their computers, play video games together on a network, and eat nachos. The first thing people (usually parents or spouses) immediately ask is: Why would you want to do that? A computer is an expensive (and heavy) piece of precision electronics, one whose performance is negatively impacted by the accidental introduction of nacho cheese in the open CDRom drawer. But the fact is, a LANParty is the most fun you can have with your machine . (Aside from surfing dirty pictures on the net.)

You're Joking, Right?

No, really. Let's assume that you're a computer gamer and you're playing against somebody in a vicious game of deathmatch. You just lept out of a shadow, jumped down behind him, ducked an incoming rocket, and removed his head with a double-barreled shotgun.

To celebrate your victory at a LANParty, you'd:

    • Savor the expression of anguish on his face.
    • Leap up and scream, "Suck it down, monkeyboy!"
    • High-five your teammates.
    • Sing a rousing chorus of, "Who's yo daddy?"
    • Announce that he couldn't kill you if you were on life support.
    • Turn up the stereo really loud.
    • begin the smack talk for the inevitable rematch.
Now let's assume you were at home alone playing on the Internet. You'd celebrate your amazing victory in the following ways:
    • Checking your email...
[taken from lanparty.com]


What is FITES all about?

FITES started in the Central Pennsylvania region to help unite computer gamers looking for a common arena to join their fellow gamers and peers and also to provide a fun alternative to drinking, drugs, and mischief. Out of this desire, came a following larger than expected. Once a roomy basement was enough to house the few gamers, but now we are requiring a much larger venue.
We have gamers of all types and ages. Gamers are typically stereotyped by pale faced, long haired, grunge mongers, but as it turns out, this stereotype couldn't be farther from reality. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, all classes, and with all types of personalities.
FITES has been providing LANParty Events since 2001 with a solid track record of attendee and event growth. In 2001, our first event was held at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and brought in approximately 30 gamers. Our last event, held in August of this past year maxed out at a staggering 150 gamers. Our last event, held in February of this past year maxed out at a staggering 200 gamers. This has allowed us the distinction of being the largest LANParty event in Pennsylvania, and third largest in the North East.


Quotes from LANParty attendees!

"Thank you for the great lan FITES. I'm looking forward to the next big lan you host." -Desolator
"I thought it was a great lan, one of the better ones ive been to. I would like to thank the staff for being very open and listening to suggestions throughout the entire lan. You guys did great." -HystericPoison
"Kicked ass once again!" -llDayo
"WOW, I had a fantastic time at this lan!" -Gunplay
"This was my second FITES LAN and it was a blast!" -buu
"It was cool to be with fellow computer geeks. (even if I was a different letter generation from most of them) I enjoy seeing other people's systems, and checking out their hardware. The gaming was good, and the company was good, I just couldn't make it all the way through the night. I am looking forward to attending the next one." -CATBOX


FITES in the news!

FITES 2007

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FITES 2006

FITES 2001

FITES First Event at Shippensburg University

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