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Author Topic: FITES Terms-of-Service {ToS}  (Read 3832 times)

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FITES Terms-of-Service {ToS}
« on: June 09, 2006, 01:16:58 PM »
Rights of FITES members and posters:
    * You have the right to post your opinions openly as long as they fall within the guidelines of the Terms-of-Service (ToS) below.

    * You have the right to be treated with respect in accordance with the same ToS.

    * You have the right to report any violations of the ToS to
FITES moderators or staff & management. We ask is that you provide the explicit details of the infraction in question including the date/time stamp of the would-be infracting post/thread along with the thread title. Also, please include the username of the violating poster.

Rights and responsibilities of FITES management, staff, and moderators:
    * Management, more specifically the message board moderators, reserve the right to warn and ban any posters/members without warning who do not adhere to the ToS of the boards and who do not respect the rights of others on these forums. In just about all cases warnings will be issued. However, FITES and its moderators and agents does reserve the right to ban as deemed necessary in the interests of civil conduct amongst members and posters on the message boards.

    * Under such circumstances, no detailed warning letters will be sent out. Only a link to our ToS which can then be re-read so as to understand where any issues lay so that corrective action can be take by those who are warned. However, the onus will fall upon those guilty of violating the ToS for reading and fully understanding them and not upon the moderators or management for explaining what is plainly stated in very understandable English.

FITES Terms-of-Service (ToS):

    * Posting of pornographic material or links to such material will be considered grounds for immediate and permanent banning!

    * No Swearing or other outbursts of profanity directed at fellow posters! (Kids are present, and under no circumstances will F-Bombs be tolerated)

    * No racist, sexist, or other such remarks will be tolerated!

    * No Personal attacks or communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, embarrass, threaten or otherwise demean another poster will be tolerated. If you really feel the need to vent towards a fellow poster as a result of words exchanged, then we kindly ask you to remove your personal issues to means of private communication such as e-mail. If you feel that your rights as a poster have been violated by another, please contact a moderator with your concerns and after that if you feel that the issue has not been effectively resolved, please feel free to contact a member of the management team.

    * No blatant or flagrant “bashing” of the site or message boards. Constructive criticism is allowed as long as it is made in the “Feedback” forum.

    * No Spam!

    * No Advertisements of any sort in any area of the site unless first approved by site management.

    * LANParty advertisements are the exception and can be submitted only in the "Other LANParties" forum.

    * No Flames (or posts intended to harassingly antagonize a fellow poster/member)

    * Moderators reserve the right to move, remove, or close any threads/posts/messages in the greater interests of the message board.

    * No posting of entire articles/copyrighted material. Posts containing news stories/article segments must also include author’s name, name of the publication or source, and the URL where the story was found.

    * Members that repeatedly break the TOS can be banned without warning.
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