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by MahoneyRed - May 13, 2015, 09:49:01 AM
Careful observers have noted that graphics on the new release of Witcher 3, coming out next week, are lower in quality than what was initially revealed. Game reviewers and streamers were given an early access to the game so they could get that hype train rolling, but PC reviewers didn't get any.

The official word from the Witcher 3 collective publisher team is that a PC version isn't ready yet, so it's no surprise that we haven't seen a full pc review yet. What people are noticing though is the current console version has been downgraded from what was seen earlier.

Publishers promise it will be optimized for whatever platform it is on, but this looks to be another case of releasing a game at the lowest common console denominator. Check out the video where these two hosts have a go at the discussion of downgrading graphics to the console lows.


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by MahoneyRed - April 23, 2015, 08:54:38 AM
Hey everyone out there in the FITES-verse, a Mini-LAN is officially on and happening!

The Mini will be held at our usual spot of the New Holland ambulance station. May 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

All of the usual games will be there and ready to go, but this time around if you are a citizen in the 'verse then priovate matchmaking is ready for Starcitizen.

Also, if you have The Ship, load it up because I feel like that would be hilarious to play with all of you guys. Perhaps we can get Decepticon or TheShoctor to try it with the Oculus....

Other important information:
- $10 online or at that door.
- Bring your own power strip and LAN cable
- Pizza and soda will be provided (UNCONFIRMED YET, OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING?!)
- Killing Floor 2 is on Early Access and I think we should all get some zombie killing on. If anything, have KF1 ready to go.
- You are freaking awesome, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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by The Shoctor - April 07, 2015, 11:26:43 AM

Quote from: saberwolf
A little less than one year removed from our last event ‘Revival’, Pittco brings you another LAN for your for your gamer tastes to chew on. As a gamer I think it’s in our blood to stay up later than we should.  Some people can’t sleep because of the desire to game. Most doctors would call that Insomnia. Well, if you already have Insomia you might as well embrace it. Pittco Presents: Insomnia Another 24 hour PURE style LAN hosted in Belle Vernon, PA at the Belle Vernon Area(Bellmar) Middle School. This will be an event focused on the basic principles of LANing: A group of angry gamers screaming at each other from across a table and then sharing a piece of Pizza.

Direct link to their announcement.

Go checkout our westerly friends! Looks like they have some serious pipes for this event.

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